New Music Round Up: January 2017!

New Music Round Up

It’s a new year and that means not only are we awaiting the revelation of all this year’s Eurovision contenders, but Eurovision artists from years gone by have also been busy in the studio recording new music. Here’s some of the hits released in January! Included in the list is two time Iceland representative Greta Salome, two time Hungarian singer Donny Montell, Monika Linkyte from Lithuania and British duo Joe and Jake and a solo single from Alex Larke from Electro Velvet!

Greta Salome- ‘Running Out of Time’


Greta Salome is one of my favourite Eurovision singers in recent years. Her mix of fragile vocals and strings on ‘Hear Them Calling’ (2016) and ‘Never Forget’ (2012) had me hooked from the time the chorus kicked in. Coupled with great chemistry with Jonsi on the 2012 song and brilliant staging visuals for ‘Hear Them Calling’ Greta has had an impressive offering at Eurovision. Last year Greta released ‘Row’ another strong effort and now she returns with another song ‘Running Out of Time’, an understated ballad that is no less impressive.

Donny Montell- ‘Screw Me Up’


As much as I hated Donny Montell’s previous two Eurovision efforts ‘Love is Blind’ (2012) and ‘I’ve Been Waiting for This Night’ (2016), ‘Screw Me Up’ is a pop anthem. In a similar vein to Justin Bieber’s recent string of hits, ‘Screw Me Up’ is electro dance poppiness at its best.

Joe and Jake- ‘Tongue Tied’


British duo Joe and Jake represented the UK in 2016 with ‘You’re Not Alone’, and the boys, who met on the Voice UK, are back with follow up song ‘Tongue Tied’. The song a lively acoustic ballad which showcases the group’s personality, vocals and chemistry. The song has an infectious chorus which highlights the singers’ inability to vocalise their feelings when they fall in love with a girl. The video is on a mountain top with beautiful scenery behind the couple as they sing.

Monika Linkyte- ‘Prisimink Mane’


Monika grabbed headlines when she shared that infamous kiss with Vaidas Baumila during their performance of ‘This Time’ at Eurovision 2015. Since then they both have gone on to release solo material and this is Monika’s latest effort ‘Prisimink Mane’ a soft, low key ballad which ask “Prisimink Mane?’ or ‘Do you remember me’. Monika’s whispery vocal displays a wealth of emotions showing a woman who is almost broken.

Alex Larke- ‘Shine On’


Alex Larke is one half of the UK act Electro Velvet who failed to impress at Eurovision 2015 with ‘Still In Love With You’. He has gone it alone for his solo release ‘Shine On’ which harks back to Mancunian Brit Pop of the nineties. However Larke is not Oasis, Larke is not Ocean Colour Scene and Larke is not the Stone Roses. At best he does a mediocre second rate impression of these bands, much like how he is best known as a Mick Jagger impersonator.

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