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Belarus Eurovision 2017 navi band
On 20th January, the Belorussian national final took place. The nation crowned Navi Band as their winner and they will represent Belarus at Eurovision 2017 with song ‘Story of My Life’. Find out a bit more about the duo with our 10 Things About…Navi Band feature…

1. NAVI are a Minsk-based indie pop duo consisting of vocalist and guitarist Arciom Lukjanienka and singer and keyboardist Ksienija Žuk.

2, In addition to these two band members, the band also extends to Uladzislaŭ Čaščavik (bass), Aliaksandr Taboĺski (production), and Uladzimir Biehier (drums) when they are in the studio recording.

3. All of their songs are performed in the Belorussian language.

4. The band’s first album was released in 2014 and was entitled ‘Soncam sahretyja’ (or ‘Warmed by the Sun’ in English).

5. From this album, the duo released a number of singles including ‘Pilihrym’ (Pilgrim), ‘Biažy’ (Run) ‘Ščascie’ (Happy), ‘Vydumaj’ (Think Up), ‘Dziakuj’ (Thank you) and ‘Vybieru sam’ (Сhoose your own).

6. 2017 was not Navi’s first attempt at competing to be chosen to represent Belarus at Eurovision. In 2016 they competed with ‘Heta ziamlia’ (This land) and finished in fourth place behind eventual winner IVAN, and fellow 2017 competitor NAPOLI.

7. As well as their two consecutive Belarus Eurovision national final songs, Navi have also released single ‘My prosypayemsya’ (We wake up) in 2016.

8. Although Navi were the overall winners of the Belarus national selection in 2017, placing top with the international jury, they only finished in fifth place in the public vote, receiving 3,626 televotes. It was in fact PROvokatsiya’s ‘#MyLove’ that topped the public vote.

9. The band’s new album entitled ‘Illumination’ is due to be released in 2017. It features new tracks ‘Zima’ (Winter), ‘Maliaŭničy’ (Colourful) and ‘Hutkіmі dumkamі’ as well as Eurovision 2017 track ‘Gіstoryya Maiga zhytstsya’ (Story of My Life).

10. They have also duetted with Joss Stone on their song  ‘Абдымі мяне’ (Hug Me).

Check out our NAVI Band Playlist on our YouTube channel:

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