Listen: New Songs from Eurovision Faves!


eurovision ni 2017Some of our favourite Eurovision stars from recent years have all dropped new singles this week. This include Russia’s 2008 winner Dima Bilan who returns with song ‘Monsters in Your Head’, 2013 Swedish singer Robin Stjenberg who has released ‘Feed On My Love’, Poland’s Cleo is back with ‘Echo’ and Macedonia two time representative Kaliopi releases new single ‘Rodjendan’. As well as that we have new songs from Joe and Jake (United Kingdom, 2016), Greta Salome, (Iceland, 2016) and Donny Montell (Lithuania, 2012 and 2016).

Dima Bilan- ‘Монстры в твоей голове’ (Monsters In Your Head)

Robin Stjernberg- ‘Feed On My Love’

Kaliopi- ‘Rodjendan’ (Birthday)

Cleo- ‘Echo’

Joe and Jake- ‘Tongue Tied’

Greta Salome- ‘Running Out of Time’

Donny Montell- ‘Screw Me Up’

Do you have a favourite? Leave us a comment!

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