Latvia Reveal Supernova Heat Allocation!


supernova 2017 Eurovision LatviaLatvian broadcaster LTV announced in a press conference last week which acts and artists will compete in the 2017 edition of Supernova, this week they have allocated which of these artists will compete in the two heats. Read on to find out.

Heat One- 5th February

  • Anna Zankovska- ‘Rage Love’
  • Crime Sea- ‘Escape’
  • Edgars Kreilis- ‘We Are Angels’
  • First Question- ‘Naked’
  • Franco Franco- ‘Up’
  • Katrīna Cīrule- ‘Blood Runs Quicker’
  • Lauris Valters- ‘Magic Years’
  • Linda Leen- ‘Who is in Charge’
  • Miks Dukurs- ‘Spiritual Priest’
  • Pikaso- ‘U’
  • Rock’n’Berries – ‘Feel the Love’

Heat Two- 12th February

  • Katrine Lukins- ‘Silhouette’
  • Laura Lo- ‘Little Weird’
  • Markus Riva- ‘Dynamite’
  • Miks Galvanovskis- ‘Runaway’
  • My Radiant You- ‘All I Know’
  • Santa Daņeļeviča- ‘Your Breath’
  • The HiQ- ‘Taju Ot Lyubvi’
  • The Ludvig- ‘I’m in Love With You’
  • Toms Kalderauskis- ‘We Won’t Back Down’
  • Triānas Parks- ‘Line’
  • UP- ‘One by One’

You can listen to all the songs that are currently available on YouTube Playlist. And be sure to vote for your favourite in our poll.

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