Israel’s Rising Star Get Top 6!

In a shock move earlier this week, Israeli broadcaster shortlisted eight acts from the qualifiers from the audition round of Israel’s Rising Star, in an untelevised round of its Eurovision selection show. Advancing to the quarter final round were Diana Golbi, Imri Ziv, Ta-La- Te,Hally (Hallelujah) Lewis, Sapir Nahon, The Beatbox Element,Yona Shavin and Julieta. Tonight and last night saw the show return to TV screens with two quarter final shows. Read on to find out who has advanced to the semi final rounds on 6th and 7th February.

The quarter final shows saw the remaining eight contestants do battle against each other in duels. In the first round the four winners immediately advanced. While the losing four contestants did battle again for the last two slots.

Round 1

Julietta (88%) v. Sapir Nahon (79%)

Imri Ziv (73%) v. Beatbox Element (49%)

Ta-La-Te (69%) v. Halli Lewis (58%)

Diana Golbi (83%) v. Yona Shabin (38%)


Round 2

Sapir Nahon (87%) v. Yona Shabin (85%)

Beatbox Element (56%) v. Halli Lewis (52%)

The semi finalist therefore are:

  • Julietta
  • Imri Ziv
  • Ta-La-Te
  • Diana Golbi
  • Sapir Nohan
  • Beatbox Element

Israel’s Rising Star continues with its semi final shows on 6th and 7th February, with the qualifiers competing in the grand final on 13th February.


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