10 Things About…Tako Gachechiladze!

10 Things About...

Georgia Eurovision 2017 Tako GachechiladzeOn 20th January, Georgia held their national selection final for Eurovision 2017. 25 acts competed but it was Tako Gachechiladze who was crowned the winner. We take a look at her career in our feature: 10 Things About…Tako Gachechiladze!

1. Tako Gachechiladze is a Tbilisi born singer, songwriter and actress.

2. She is particularly known for her Pop, Soul and R n B style.

3. Tako is responsible for having written both the lyrics and the music for her 2017 Eurovision song ‘Keep the Faith’.

4. Tako was a member of the group Stephane and 3G alongside Stephane Mgebrishvili, Nini Badurashvili and Kristine Imedadze.

5. The foursome are best known for their 2009 song ‘We Don’t Wanna Put In’ which was disqualified from competing in Eurovision that year due to its politicised lyrics that was not so subtle in mocking Russian President Vladimir Putin.

6. Prior to Tako’s win at the Georgian National Final this year and in 2009, she also competed in 2008 with song ‘Me and My Funky’, however she was not selected, only finishing in tenth place.

7. 3G also competed in the 2008 Georgian national final, but they also missed out on being selected, finishing in fourth place with ‘I’m Free’.

8. Tako’s film credits include starring in Georgian crime action comedy Tbilisuri Love Story from 2009. It also starred her 3G band mate Nini Badurashvili.

9. In her performance of ‘Keep the Faith’ at the Georgian national selection show, Tako wore a beautiful custom made sparkle cocktail dress that illuminated with built in lights during her performance.

10. Tako may be stoking the political Eurovision fires again. ‘Keep the Faith, while it has no overtly specific political message, the background images that accompany the performance shows headlines from newspapers including one about hunger in Africa, photos of Syrian refugees, but most notably the text that says ‘Russia Invades Georgia’.

Check out our Tako Gachechiladze Playlist on our YouTube channel:

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