Poll Result: You Think Kattie Will Win the Belarus Selection Show Tonight!


belarus eurovision 2017Belarus will choose their Eurovision entry tonight. Since the songs were revealed in late December, we have been asking you to vote for your favourites. We can now reveal the results of our poll.

Topping the poll was Kattie with 50% of the vote. In second place was Nuteki with ‘Take My Heart’ on 13% and rounding out the top three was NAVI’s ‘Historiya majho zyccia’. The full poll results are below, and be sure to tune in tonight to find out who will be chosen to represent Belarus at Eurovision 2017!

Belarus Eurovision 2017 Poll Results

Artist/Song % of vote
Kattie- ‘Wild Wind’ 50%
Nuteki- ‘Take My Heart’ 13%
NAVI- ‘Historiya majho zyccia’ 10%
Vladislav Kurasov- ‘Follow the Play’ 6%
July- ‘Children of the World’ 4%
NAPOLI- ‘Let’s Come Together’ 4%
PROvokatsiya- ‘#mylove’ 2%
Nikita Hodas- ‘Voice in my Head’ 2%
Anastasiya Sheverenko- ‘We’ll Be Together’ 2%
Angelica Pushnova- ‘We Should Be Together’ 2%
Isaac Nightingale- ‘One The Red Line’ 2%
Lermont x Julic- ‘Heartbeat’ 2%
Lexy Weaver- ‘Be Stronger’ 2%

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