Germany: SADI out! Yosefin Buohler in! 


German national finalist SADI has withdrawn from the German Eurovision competition Unser Song and will be replaced by Yosefin Buohler. 

The singer, whose full name is Wilhelm Richter, said in an official statement that:

Reports about me are causing so much trouble. I would first like to clarify and process this. I myself am amazed at what I am accused of. I was totally looking forward to attending, but I would not want to do it under these circumstances and that is why I will not participate on 9 February in Cologne.

The reports and accusations he is referring to is reported allegations that he has been involved in fraudulent dealings and theft using an eBay account.

So while Sadi is out of the running, former Swedish Idol participant Yosefin Buohler will take his place. She will compete against the other four acts (Axel Feige, Felicia Lu Kürbiß, Helene Nissen and Levina) in the running to be the German pick for Eurovision 2017 on 9th February.

This is not the first German Eurovision controversy in recent years. In 2015 Andreas Kummet announced he would not represent his country immediately after being selected and last year Germany’s initial internal selection Xavier Naidoo was forced to withdraw following the revelation that he had made a number of homophobic comments.

What do you make of this change in the national final line up? Were you rooting for Sadi? Or are you glad he has withdrawn? Leave us a comment below.

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