10 Things About…Nathan Trent!

10 Things About...

Nathan Trent Eurovision 2017 AustriaAustria’s Eurovision 2017 singer was announced in December. Get to know him better with our feature: 10 Things About…Nathan Trent!

1. Nathanaele Koll was born in Innsbruck, Austria and goes by the stage name Nathan Trent.

2. He is a singer/songwriter who specialises in the pop and R n B genres.

3. Nathan was raised speaking both German and Italian.

4. Nathan’s love of music started from a very young age. He was sent to piano lessons from the age of three and given that his father has a background as a professional violinist in an orchestra meant that he basically grew up in the National Theatre of Innsbruck.

5. His résumé boasts a four-year singing, acting and dance education, in the styles of Jazz, Contemporary and Commercial. He also still receives voice lessons from his singing teacher Previn Moore.
6. Nathan was also being considered for the German selection for Eurovision 2017, however was ineligible after Austria had chosen him as their artist. This is down to strict EBU rules that only allows one person to represent one country in any given year.

7. Nathan released his debut solo single ‘Like It Is’ on 18th June 2016.

8. He has shared videos where he has covered songs such as Stevie Wonder’s ‘As’, Adele’s ‘All I Ask’ and Lukas Graham’s ‘7 Years’.

9. As well as music, Nathan has a great love of theatre and has acted and performed in a number of plays and musicals from a very young age. More recently as part of his Performing Arts education, Nathan has participated in productions with famous Austrian actors in the prestigious ”Theater in der Josefstadt” and starred in the short film called ‘Eisland’.

10. Nathan loves the songwriting process because he is writing for himself and finds the process therapeutic. He has been quoted as saying ‘I write songs because it gives me the feeling of total freedom’. With this in mind we eagerly anticipate the unveiling of his official Eurovision song for Austria!


Check out our Nathan Trent playlist on YouTube:

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