Lithuania’s Eurovizijos Heat 2 Results!


Lithuania Eurovision 2017 Eurovizijos
Earlier this evening Lithuania’s Eurovision selection show Eurovizijos continued with its second heat. 13 acts battled it out for the six slots in the next round. Find out who made the cut!

Thirteen acts competed in the second of these four preliminary shows which aired last night on broadcasting channel LRT. Of the thirteen competing songs, six advanced to the next round. Finishing on top was Mia whose song ‘Sacrifice’ impressed the jury, coming out on top with them and finished second in the televote.

Finishing in second overall was Kotryna Juodzeviciute with ‘Love Shadow’.  Find the full list of results below, the qualifying acts are highlighted in bold:

1.  E.G.O. ‘My Story’

2.  Monee- ‘Nnn’

3.  Varjetė- ‘My Story’

4.  Gabrielius Vagelis- ‘Feel Myself Free’

5. Ieva Zasimauskaitė- ‘You Saved Me’

6. Rugilė Daujotaitė- ‘Perkūne ugniaveidi’

7. Mia- ‘Sacrifice

8. Deividas Žygas- ‘Only You’

9. Rasa Kaušiūtė- ‘Fly’

10. Gabrielė Vilkickytė- ‘Jūra’

11. Lawreigna- ‘Freedom’

12.Kotryna Juodzevičiūtė- ‘Love Shadow’

13. Valdas Lacko- ‘It’s So Unfair’

Eurovizijos will return with its third show next week, where another thirteen songs will be vying for one of the six places in the next round. You can catch it on LRT’s website from 8pm CET.

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