Hungary’s A DAL Show 1 Results


a dal hungary eurovision 2017Earlier this evening Hungary’s Eurovision 2017 bid kicked off with the first of their ‘A Dal’ selection show heats. Ten artists competed in the first of the three heats, but only six have made it through to the semi finals in three weeks time. Find out who made the cut.

Leander Kills and Roma Soul tied for first place with 40 points while Viki Singh and Spoon21 join them in the next round with 39 points each. Also advancing to the next stage will be David Henderson and Benji who earned 37 and 36 points respectively. The full results are below with the qualifying acts highlighted in bold. 

1. Benji- ‘Karcok’
2. Calidora- ‘Glory’

3. David Henderson – ‘White Shadows’

4. Csondor Kata- ‘Create’

5. Leander Kills- ‘Elet’

6. Rocktenors- ‘Osz’

7. Roma Soul- ‘Nyitva a haz’

8. Singh Viki- ‘Rain’
9. Spoon21- ‘Deak’

10. The Wings- ‘Mint a hurrikan’

A Dal will continue next saturday when another ten acts will fight it out for the six places available in the next round. You can listen to all the A Dal contenders on our YouTube playlist and vote for your favourite in our poll.

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