Israel’s Rising Star Show 3 Results


Israel’s Rising Star continued last night with it’s third live show. The show acts as Israel’s Eurovision 2017 selection show. Five artists advanced from this show and join the other nine artists who qualified from the first two shows.

To qualify for round two, singers need to achieve 70% or more from combined votes from the jury panel and the public.

Advancing from Show 3:

  • Yosef Gal (91%)
  • Helen (90%)
  • Yonit Zaidenberg (85%)
  • Yona Shabin (79%)
  • Julietta (72%)

These artists join the qualifiers from the previous two shows:

  • Diana Golbi (95%)
  • Imri Ziv (93%)
  • Beatbox Element (91%)
  • Sapir Nahon (88%)
  • Judy Layne (81%)
  • Lee Sabach (79%)
  • Osher Biton (77%)
  • Hallelujah “Halli” Lewis (77%)
  • Ta-La-Te (75%)

Israel’s Rising Star continues with its fourth show on 16th January.

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