10 Things About…O’G3NE!


O'G3NE Netherlands Eurovision 2017

In the run up to Eurovision 2017, we take a closer look at the Dutch representatives O’G3NE. Here’s 10 things about the band that’ll help you get to know them a little bit better!

1. O’G3NE are a girl group consisting of the three Vol sisters Lisa, Amy and Shelley.

2. Amy and Shelley are fraternal twins.

3. They will represent the Netherlands at Eurovision 2017 following a successful appearance at Junior Eurovision, finishing in 11th place with their song ‘Adem in, Adem Uit’ which means ‘Breathe In, Breathe Out’ in English.

4. When performing at Junior Eurovision they competed under the name Lisa, Amy and Shelley and only changed their named to O’G3NE in 2014.

5. The name O’G3NE stems from their mother’s blood group O, and the fact that they are all sisters sharing the same genes. The first e is stylised as a 3 as there are three of the sisters in the band.

6. The girls won the Voice of Holland in 2014 being the first trio to win any of the Voice shows worldwide.

7. O’G3NE have released three albums to date including ‘300%’ and ‘Sweet Sixteen’ which charted in the Dutch Top 50 Chart and their most recent effort ‘We Got This’ which went to number one.

8. The girls have had a recent string of hits following their win on the Voice of Holland. This includes ‘Wings to Fly’, ‘Take the Money and Run’ and the Top Ten hit ‘Magic’.

9. O’G3NE’s love of Eurovision is apparent in the release of the 2016 promotional cover of ABBA’s ‘Thank You For the Music’ and ‘Waterloo’.

10. O’G3NE are the fifth consecutive act to be chosen by internal selection by the Netherlands, and it seems to be working well for them. The first was Anouk in 2013 (9th place), The Common Linnets (2nd place) in 2014, and while Trijntje Oosterhuis didn’t qualify for the final in 2015, Douwe Bob had Netherlands back on track in 2016 when ‘Slow Down’ finished in 11th place.

Check out our O’G3NE playlist on our Youtube Channel!

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