SMRTV Hits Back at Tony Maiello’s Claims!


tony maiello eurovision 2017The San Marino Eurovision 2017 controversy has taken another turn with the broadcaster SMRTV hitting back at singer Tony Maiello today. Maiello had recently claimed that the broadcaster approached him to represent the micro state at Eurovision 2017. However, for his bid to be successful he claimed that SMRTV wanted a donation of €500,000.

SMRTV responded to these claims, denying any communication with the singer. In an official statement, a spokesperson commented that:

‘I can affirm that we’ve never had direct contact with Mr. Maiello and we’ve never charged someone to contact him on our behalf.’

Fresh rumours have now emerged amidst the controversy, that suggest that Italian singer Arisa is in talks with the San Marinese broadcaster to take the Eurovision helm for San Marino in 2017. However recent comments from the Sanremo New Artist’s 2009 winner also cite expected financial input as a reason she may be unable to compete:

‘I think that Eurovision would be a great opportunity, because mine is a heavily Italian music. San Marino asked me to participate, but it would take three hundred thousand Euros and I do not have that kind of money to invest.’

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