Johnny Logan Responds to Louis Walsh’s Songwriting Offer!


Eurovision 2017 Johnny LoganLast week Louis Walsh sent an invitation for Eurovision supremo Johnny Logan to submit a song for Irish Eurovision 2017 artist Brendan Murray. Walsh was very complementary of Logan’s past efforts, winning the Contest twice as a singer in 1980 and 1987 and again as a songwriter for Linda Martin’s ‘Why Me?’. Logan has now responded to the offer.

Speaking with the Irish Mail on Sunday Louis Walsh stated:

‘I would love if Johnny Logan writes a song for us, that would be great. He knows the formula and what works – there’s nobody out there better than him who knows how to win. If he doesn’t, I will get one from England from a great songwriter. I’m confident about that.’

Johnny Logan’s manager responds to the offer stating today that:

‘Johnny Logan is a very active artist with five scheduled concerts before the Eurovision Song Contest 2017. In case Johnny Logan agrees to that (to compose the Irish entry), he should work along with his planned projects.’

So while it is not an outright no from Johnny Logan’s camp, it seems that it will not be very likely based on Johnny Logan’s busy schedule. RTE and Walsh have given the deadline for song submissions of 16th January, before shortlisting can take place. Therefore it seems unlikely that Logan will have a song ready in time for this.

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