Lindita Halimi Will represent Albania at Eurovision 2017!


fik albania eurovision 2017For the past three nights, 24 hopefuls have been battling it out to be named the Albanian Eurovision entrant for 2017 in 55th edition of Festivali i Kenges (FiK55). Following the two semi finals, 14 acts made it through to tonight’s final and we can now reveal that the winning song was ‘Bote’ performed by Lindita Halimi.

Lindita won over the other 13 finalists who competed in tonight’s final and will go on to represent Albania in Eurovision 2017 with song ‘Bote’. Lindita will follow in the footsteps of last year’s FiK winner Eneda Tarifa who failed to make it through to the Final of Eurovision 2016, but who placed runner up in Eurovision NI’s World Cup Competition with her song ‘Fairytale’.

The vote was made up of 60% professional jury vote and 40% public televote.

Although we have had a number of artist announcements in the lead up to Christmas, Albania is the first country to choose both artist and song. Having said that in 2016, RTSH made the decision to switch from the Albanian language version (‘Peralle’) to the English language version (‘Fairytale’), will this be the case in 2017 as well?

Unfortunately Flaka Krelani who topped our poll, only managed to finish in fifth place .

What do you think of Albania’s choice? Does it stand a chance of winning Eurovision 2017? Can it improve on last year? Or should they have chosen someone else entirely? Share your views with us below!

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