Poll Results Albania: You Think Flaka Krelani Will Win FiK55!


fik albania eurovision 2017The fourteen remaining acts will battle it out in tonight’s Festivali i Kenges (FiK55) in the bid to be named Albania’s 2017 Eurovision Act. You have been voting since the finalists were announced last night and it’s Flaka Krelani that you want to win the contest with her song ‘Osiris’. Read on for full results.



Poll Results: FiK55 (Albania)

  1. Flaka Krelani- ‘Osiris’- 26%
  2. LYNX- ‘Sot’- 15%
  3. Dilan Reka- ‘Mos Harro’- 11%
  4. Franc Koruni- ‘Macka’- 11%
  5. Yll Limani- ‘Shiu’- 11%
  6. Genc Salihu- ‘Ketu’- 8%
  7. XUXI- ‘Metropol’- 6%
  8. Linda Halimi – “World’- 4%
  9. Edea Demaliaj- ‘Besoj ne Enderra’- 2%
  10. Fabiola Agalliu & Agnesa Çavolli- ‘Shkon e Vjen’- 2%
  11. Orges Toçe- ‘Shi Diamantesh’- 2%
  12. Rezarta Smaja- ‘Pse Prite Gjate’-2%
  13. Lorela- ‘Me Ty’- 0%
  14. Xhesika Polo- ‘Eva Jam Une’- 0%

Flaka topped the poll (as she did last year) with 26% of the overall vote for her song ‘Osiris’. Coming in in second place was LYNX with ‘Sot’ which gained 15% of the vote. Tied for third with 11% each was Dilan Reka, Franc Koruni and Yll Limani.

Will these results ring true? Tune in tonight to find out!

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