Eurovision NI’s Song of 2016: Top 30 Poll

Song of 2016

Eurovision NI Song of 2016Over the past eight weeks we will be have been asking you to vote for your favourite songs released in 2016 by former Eurovision contestants. Each week three songs qualified to this the next stage: the Top 30. Now that all the votes have been counted I can unveil the contenders still left to fight it out to be named the Eurovision NI Song of 2016, as well as the six wildcard selection chosen by me.

Eurovision NI Song of the Year: Top 30 Contenders

Alexander Rybak- ‘I Came to Love You’

Anggun- ‘Face au vent’ 

Anouk- ‘Burn’ 

Anouk- ‘Run Away Together’ 

Barei- ‘Who Plays the Drums’ 

The Common Linnets- ‘In Your Eyes’ 

Dami Im- ‘Fighting for Love’ 

Douwe Bob- ‘Jacob’s Song’ 

Emma Marrone & Alvaro Soler- ‘Libre’

Eric Saade- ‘Colors’ 

Eric Saade- ‘Wide Awake’ (*Wildcard*)

Freddie- ‘Na Jó, Hello’ 

Greta Salome- ‘Row’

Guy Sebastian- ‘Set in Stone’ (*Wildcard*)

Hera Bjork- ‘The Queen of Effing Everything’ 

Jamie-Lee- ‘Wild One’ (*Wildcard*)

Jedward- ‘Good Vibes’ 

Jedward- ‘Hologram’ 

Jedward- ‘The Hope Song’

Kallay Saunders Band- ‘#Grind”(*Wildcard*)

Krista Siegfrids- ‘Be Real’

Lena- ‘Beat to My Melody’ 

Loic Nottet- ‘Million Eyes’ (*Wildcard*)

Loreen- ‘Get Into It’

Mans Zelmerlow- ‘Fire In The Rain’ 

Mans Zelmerlow- ‘Should’ve Gone Home’ 

Maria Olafs- ‘Baby Take the Wheel’ 

Rykka- ‘Bad Boy’ 

Safura- ‘Baku’ 

Serebro- ‘Chocolate’ (*Wildcard*)

Listen to all the songs on our YouTube Playlist and vote for your favourite below. We will pause the poll momentarily at midday on 29th December and reveal the songs that have placed 30-21. The poll will re-open until midday on 31st December and we will reveal the songs that placed 20-11. The poll will open for one final day and on 1st January 2017 we will reveal the top 10 including the song that has been named Eurovision NI’s Song of 2016.

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