Albania’s FiK55 Semi Final 1 and 2 Results!

fik albania eurovision 2017Over the past two nights, the Albanian national selection show Festivali i Këngës (or FiK55) kicked off with its two semi final rounds. 24 acts competed over the two semi finals and we can now reveal the results of which acts made it through to tomorrow night’s final.

After all the performances in both semi finals, the professional jury chose eight acts and songs that made it through to the final, the public got to choose a further three songs to advance to FiK55’s Final round and finally the media jury allocated the remaining three places. Here are the results:

Semi Final 1 (21st December)

1. Flaka Krelani- ‘Osiris’
2. Xhejni Lito- ‘Pritja’
3. Genc Salihu- ‘Këtu’
4. Erlind Zeraliu- ‘Dhimbja e gëzmit’
5. Xhesika Polo- ‘Eva jam unë’
6. Festina Mejzini- ‘Atje lart’
7. Edea Demaliaj- ‘Besoj në ëndrra’
8. Neki Emra- ‘Dashuri dhe urrejtje’
9. Yll Limani- ‘Shiu’
10. Franc Koruni- ‘Macka’
11. Orges Toçe- ‘Shi diamantësh’
12. LYNX- ‘Sot’

Semi Final 2 (22nd December)

1. Elson Braha- ‘Edhe një herë’
2. Lorela- ‘Me ty’
3. Tiri- ‘Më zgjo’
4. Fabiola Agalliu & Agnesa Çavolli- ‘Shkon e vjen’
5. Rezarta Smaja- ‘Pse prite gjatë’
6. Dilan Reka- ‘Mos harro’
7. Albulena Jashari- ‘Fjalët ia lë zemrës’
8. XUXI- ‘Metropol’
9. Luka & Serxhio Hajdini- ‘Koha plaket’
10. Classic Boys- ‘Dashuria për jetën’
11. Linda Rukaj- ‘Vija e lumit’
12. Linda Halimi- ‘Botë’

Therefore the 14 acts competing in tomorrow’s final are:

Final (23rd December)

  1. Dilan Reka- ‘Mos Harro’
  2. Edea Demaliaj- ‘Besoj ne Enderra’
  3. Fabiola Agalliu & Agnesa Çavolli- ‘Shkon e Vjen’
  4. Flaka Krelani- ‘Osiris’
  5. Franc Koruni- ‘Macka’
  6. Genc Salihu- ‘Ketu’
  7. Linda Halimi- ‘Bote’
  8. Lorela- ‘Me Ty’
  9. LYNX- ‘Sot’
  10. Orges Toçe- ‘Shi Diamantesh’
  11. Rezarta Smaja- ‘Pse Prite Gjate’
  12. Yll Limani- ‘Shiu’
  13. XUXI- ‘Metropol’
  14. Xhesika Polo- ‘Eva Jam Une’

The final will be decided by a split vote with the professional jury accounting for 60% of the decision and the public 40%. You can stream the show live on the RTSH website and you can listen to all the songs from FiK55 in our YouTube playlist and vote for your favourites in our poll.

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