Malta Reveal their Eurovision 2017 Intentions!


ira losco malta 2017 eurovision
Maltese broadcaster PBS have revealed their plans for selecting their artist and song for Eurovision 2017. The broadcaster had received 156 submissions and today they revealed that they had narrowed these down to the 60 contenders.Malta’s selection show ‘Malta Eurovision Song Contest’ will return for a 2017 edition, but this will be scaled back with no semi finals this year. Instead there will only be sixteen artists and songs chosen from the shortlisted 60 below, who will competing in the televised final. The final is expected some time in February.

Malta Eurovision 2017 Shortlist

Aidan Cassar- ‘You’

Ana Boynuegri- ‘Feel’

Avenue Sky- ‘We Can Run’

Brooke Borg- ‘Unstoppable’

Cherton Caruana- ‘Fighting To Survive’

Cherylis- ‘Breathe’

Christian Arding- ‘Chill Out’

Claudia Faniello- ‘Breathlessly’

Clive Issac Gauci & Karine Caruana- ‘Rescue Me’

Clive Issac Gauci & Karine Caruana- ‘When Love Cries’

Corinna Baldacchino- ‘Leap of Faith’

Crosswalk- ‘So Simple’

Dario Bezzina- ‘Prisoner’

Dario Mifsud Bonnici- ‘Pawn In A Game’

Deborah C & Josef Tabone- ‘Tonight’

Derrick Schembri- ‘U’

Domenique Azzopardi- ‘Hey Yo’

Dominic- ‘Don’t Let Your Heart Say No’

Dre’ Curmi- ‘The Rapture’

Floren Sultana- ‘Unforgettable’

Franklin Calleja- ‘Follow Me’

Gabriella Azzopardi- ‘Heal With Me’

Iona- ‘Fireworks’

Jade Vella- ‘Seconds Away’

Janice Mangion- ‘Kewkba’

Jasmine Abela- ‘Supernovas’

Jessica Magro- ‘Different Light’

Jessika- ‘Edge of Tomorrow’

Jessika- ‘Immortal’

Jessika- ‘Let There Be Light’

Joseph Refalo- ‘I Got You’

Joseph Tabone- ‘When The Sun Shines’

Kaya- ‘The Power’

Kayla Borg- ‘Falling’

Kevin Borg- ‘Follow’

Klinsmann Coleiro- ‘Laserlight’

Kylie Colerio- ‘Breathe’

Lydon Incorvaja- ‘Sunshine in the Rain’

Lyndsay Pace- ‘Butterfly’

Lyndsay Pace- ‘Gemini’

Maria Cini- ‘Chasing My Dreams’

Maria Muscat- ‘Unbreakable’

Maxine Pace- ‘Bombshell’

Milkmi- ‘Shelter’

Michela Pace- ‘Cruise Control’

Miriana Conte- ‘Don’t Look Down’

Nadia Vella- ‘Bird of Prey’

Nazio Rotin- ‘Free Fall’

Nazio Rotin- ‘Gone’

Raquela Dalli Gonzi- ‘Ray of Light’

Raquel Galdes- ‘Beautifully Bruised’

Rhiannon Micallef- ‘Fearless’

Rhiannon Micallef- ‘Moving Mountains’

Richard Edwards- ‘You’

Romina Mamo- ‘Child of the Sun’

Sebastian Calleja- ‘Escape’

Shauna Vassallo- ‘Crazy Games’

Stefan Galea- ‘Wait Forever’

Tiziana- ‘Only Night’

Wayne William- ‘Calling Out’


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