Eurovision NI’s Song of 2016: Group Four Results 

Song of 2016

group 4 Eurovision NI Song of 2016This week you have been voting in group four of Eurovision NI’s Song of 2016 poll. The poll closed last night and we can now reveal the results.

Three of the thirteen songs in group four have advanced to the final poll in which the top 30 0f the year will be revealed. The three qualifiers are:

Greta Salome- ‘Row’ (Iceland, 2016)

Douwe Bob- ‘Jacob’s Song’ (The Netherlands, 2016)

Hera Bjork- ‘The Queen of Effing Everything’ (Iceland, 2010)

The full results of the poll are below:

=1. Greta Salome- ‘Row’ (21.42%) 

=1. Douwe Bob- ‘Jacob’s Song’ (21.43%)

3. Hera Bjork- ‘The Queen of Effing Everything’ (14.29%)

=4. Mans Zelmerlow- ‘Hanging On to Nothing’ (7.14%)

=4. Aminata- ‘Red Moon’ (7.14%)

=4. Cleo- ‘N-O-C’ (7.14%)

=4. Maria Olafs- ‘Hold My Hand’ (7.14%)

=4. Morland- ‘Make a Sail’ (7.14%)

=4. Zlata Ognevich- ‘Za litom za vesnoyu’ (7.14%)

=10. Voltaj- ‘NaNa’ (0%)

=10. Monika Linkyte- ‘Šviesõs (Bright)’ (0%)

=10. Marco Mengoni- ‘Solo due sateliti (Only Two Satellites)’ (0%)

=10. Aram MP3- ‘Asa’ (0%)

These three songs join the songs that have already qualified from Group One, Two and Three in our Top 30 Countdown in the New Year:

Anngunn- ‘Face au vent’

Jedward- ‘Good Vibes’

Mans Zelmerlow- ‘Fire and Rain’

Alexander Rybak- ‘I Came to Love You’

Freddie- ‘Na Jó, Hello’

The Common Linnets- ‘In Your Eyes’

Mans Zelmerlow- ‘Should’ve Gone Home’

Anouk- ‘Run Away Together’

Maria Olafs- ‘Baby Take the Wheel’

Remember to check back tomorrow when we will be revealing the next group of contenders!

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