Armenia’s Depi Evratesil Gets Final 12!


Armenia Eurovision 2017The Armenian marathon selection show Depi Evratesil continued this weekend. We’ve had the open auditions round, the judges’ selection show and now the third round entitled ‘One of Two’ has come to and end after two weeks of battles.

We now have a top 12 after the two battle round shows. Joining the six successful singers from last week (Artsvik, Martha, Lucy, Gevorg Harutyunyan, Anna Danielyan and Hasmik Shiroyan) are Lilit Harutyunyan, Syuzanna Melqonyan, Egine, Alexander Plato, Opera Viva and Vahe Aleksanyan.

The full results are below:

Order Own Judge Artist Song Judges Total Votes
Anush Hayko Iveta Aram Mp3 Inga Essaï
1 Aram Mp3 Lilit Harutyunyan Price Tag 5
Jujo “River” 3
2 Inga Narine Jinanyan “Impossible” 3
Syuzanna Melqonyan Ain’t No Other Man 5
3 Hayko Yeva Kans I’m Outta Love 1
Egine Tired“/”Burnin’ Up 7
4 Anush Anna Sedrakyan Seven Nation Army 0
Alexander Plato “Ke qeler” / “Lily” 8
5 Essaï Opera Viva Maria 6
Marissa Stop! 2
6 Iveta Sona Dunoyan Dangerous Woman 1
Vahe Aleksanyan “My Prayer” 7

The full top 12 then are:

Team Iveta: Vahe Aleksanyan and Hasmik Shiroyan

Team Essai: Opera Viva and Artsvik

Team Anush: Alexander Plato and Martha

Team Hayko: Egine and Anna Danielyan

Team Inga: Syuzanna Melqonyan and Gevorg Harutyunyan

Team Aram: Lilit Harutyunyan and Lucy

Depi Evratesil will continue this weekend which will whittle the twelve down to a final six. The following week on 10th December the winning act will be announced with the song expected at a later date. Which judge has the best team? Vote in our poll below:

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