Ukrainian Broadcaster in Disarray following Director General’s Resignation

Zurab Alasania NTU Eurovision ResignsZurab Alasania, Director General of Ukrainian National broadcaster NTU, has resigned earlier this week citing the non-existent procedures for budgetary spend which amounts to millions of euros as his reason.The news came in the form of a letter written by Alasania and published by MediaPort on Tuesday. In the letter Alasania criticises the lack of formal system in place for large spends of money on events like the Eurovision Song Contest which will take up almost €25m of the €42.8m prescribed by the law for the development of the Public Broadcaster. After city taxes and utility bills are also taken from this sum of money, he purports only €7m is left to use on programming and other public broadcasting activities.

Alasania is hoping that his resignation will draw the public’s attention to the flawed funding system and inspire change in the future. You can read his resignation letter in full here.

Alasania will have to work a two week notice period in which time it is expected that NTU will most likely appoint Victoria Romanova (Head of the Delegation at Eurovision) as his replacement. This has added further delays to the progress of plans for the 2017 Eurovision Song Contest following several postponements regarding the announcement of host city which eventually went to Kiev.


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