Anouk Releases New Album ‘Fake It Till We Die’


anouk fake it til we die netherlands eurovision

Dutch singer Anouk has today released her eleventh studio album and her second album of 2016. ‘Fake it Till We Die’ is the follow up album to the number one album released in March of this year ‘Queen For A Day’.

Anouk is probably best known to Eurovision fans for her song ‘Birds’ which gave the Netherlands their best result in several years in 2013, qualifying for the Grand Final and finishing in ninth place. Anouk has continued her dedication to Eurovision since her 2013 appearance, having written the 2015 entry ‘Walk Along’ performed by Trijntje Oosterhuis and having duetted with the 2016 Dutch representative Douwe Bob on the song ‘Hold Me’.

More recently the singer has had success in her native Netherlands with her album ‘Queen For a Day’ peaking at number one on the charts and spawning two hit singles ‘Run Away Together’ and ‘Wanna Little Something’.

Her new album released today entitled ‘Fake It Till We Die’ features twelve new tracks including the lead single from the album ‘Burn’ as well as ‘I Just Met A Man’, ‘Brothers and Sisters’ and ‘Down Daddy Down’.

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