Eurovision NI Awards 2016: The Nominees

Eurovision NI Awards 2016, News

Eurovision NI Awards 2016This year we have decided to hold the inaugural Eurovision NI Awards. We will celebrate the good, the bad and the ugly at Eurovision 2016 over 16 categories, as well as presenting the Phoenix Award for Outstanding Contributing to Eurovision. We have chosen the nominees for each category (which are listed below) and we are now asking you to vote for your favourites in each category, with the results being announced in four weeks time on Saturday 22 October.


Leading the field in ‘The Good’ categories is The Netherlands’ Douwe Bob who has received six nominations including Best Male Solo Artist, Best Video, Best Live Vocal, Best Song, Best Staging and Best Moment for his ‘Long Pause’ during his performance. Russia’s Sergey Lazarev, Malta’s Ira Losco and this year’s winner Jamala have been nominated in five of the categories.

Best Male Solo Artist

best-male-solo-artist Eurovision NI Awards 2016

Best Female Solo Artist

best-female-solo-artist Eurovision NI Awards 2016

Best Duo, Collaboration or Group

best-duo-group-or-collaboration Eurovision NI Awards 2016

Best Song

best-song Eurovision NI Awards 2016

Best Staging

best-staging Eurovision NI Awards 2016

Best Non-English Language Song

best-non-english-language-song Eurovision NI Awards 2016

Best Returning Artist

best-returning-artist Eurovision NI Awards 2016

Best Moment

best-moment Eurovision NI Awards 2016

Best Live Vocal

best-live-vocal Eurovision NI Awards 2016

Best Video

best-video Eurovision NI Awards 2016

Best Song From Selection Shows

best-song-from-selection-shows Eurovision NI Awards 2016


Now for the three ‘Bad’ categories: Worst Lyrics, Worst Song and Most Cringeworthy Act. The act with the most nominations in this section is Georgia’s Nika Kocharov and the Young Georgian Lolitaz who have been nominated in all three categories and have even been nominated twice in the category of Worst Lyrics for their song ‘Midnight Gold’.

Worst Lyrics

worst-lyrics Eurovision NI Awards 2016

Worst Song

worst-song Eurovision NI Awards 2016

Most Cringeworthy Act

Eurovision NI Awards 2016 Most Cringeworthy Act


Calling this section of the award ‘The Ugly’ is unfair, it’s not that the nominees themselves are ugly, rather that the clothes they chose to wear at Eurovision were absolutely hideous. There are two categories here, one for the male contestants and one for the females.

Worst Dressed Male

Eurovision NI Awards 2016 Worst Dressed Male

Worst Dressed Female

Eurovision NI Awards 2016 Worst Dressed Female

The Phoenix Award for Outstanding Achievement at Eurovision

We at Eurovision NI would like to extend a special award for outstanding contribution to Eurovision and give a place in the Eurovision NI Hall of Fame to BBC announcer, Eurovision host and all round legend Terry Wogan.

Eurovision NI Awards 2016 Terry Wogan Phoenix


7 thoughts on “Eurovision NI Awards 2016: The Nominees

  1. FaceTime was not in the lyrics of Sound Of Silence. It was face time, nothing to do with Apple’s app 😦 Also it should have been in the Best song category as it won Eurovision’s Marcel Bezençon Award in the composer category


    1. Thanks for your comment however I pick the nominees and it wasn’t one of my favourite songs this year. Even if the lyrics are ‘face time’ and not ‘FaceTime’ the lyrics are still awful as that doesn’t make any sense and the nomination still stands.


  2. LOL such a hater of Dami Im right, if you are going to get a vlog or whatever, respect the fact that you wrote the lyrics wrong assuming that is for the apple thing… FaceTime lol that’s the only reason that you put her there, and second i agree with the wrong nomination because she won ” Eurovision Marcel Bezençon Award” for best song soo..and become #5 on EV..i guess this thing is just a joke, because you can not ignore those things.. 0 credibility, not even good eurofan page…be professional,search and make your work if you don’t like someone fine but respect their work.
    because this is just what do you think and not what it should be,soo you ruin the whole thing, you already showed how much you dislike her, anyway good luck in your “page”


    1. I have nothing against Dami Im. In fact she is nominated in the Best Female and Best Live Vocal categories, so I’m hardly a hater nor do I have some kind of vendetta against her.

      Secondly I write this blog in my spare time as a bit of fun. It’s supposed to be tongue in cheek and if you can’t laugh at Eurovision, then there is something wrong with you.

      Finally in regards to the FaceTime lyric. Does it matter if it is FaceTime the app or face time? No because either way the lyrics still make no sense. I get that she has been nominated for awards for best song, but in my opinion that particular line of that song is naff. If you don’t like the fact that she is nominated then feel free to vote for one of the other many songs nominated in the category.

      I appreciate your opinions and you taking the time to comment on my blog and respect that you may disagree with what inhale said, but I don’t get why you feel the need to attack my opinions.


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