Watch: Jamala Unveils Video for ‘1944’!


Ukraine Eurovision 2016 JamalaThree months on from her Eurovision win and Jamala has finally released a music video to accompany her song ‘1944’.

The song which depicts the deportation of Crimean Tatars from the region by Russian forces caused some controversy for having overtly political sentiments, something which is against Eurovision rules. The song however was cleared of any rule break and was deemed eligible to compete. ‘1944’ proved especially popular with the Eurovision juries, receiving 12 points from 11 nations, while six nations awarded Ukraine the 12 points in the televote.

The song has finally received an official music video to accompany it, which you can view below.

The video has an almost sci-fi dystopian feel to it. It opens in what looks like an underground tunnel, Jamala singing the haunting lyrics ‘The strangers are coming…’ behind her hands. She is then set upon by what look like an angry mob in the background who, as they get closer, join Jamala in her pained dance routine.

The video moves to external shots of what look like space ships (or their homes) amidst a thick fog. The dancers then fall all over the place as if they gave been attacked by some invisible force. Hurricanes then start tearing everything to shreds and the space ships (or homes) are left in ruins. A visual depiction of the Tatar deportation?

What do you make of Jamala’s video? Why did she wait so long to release one? As always we appreciate you sharing your comments with us.

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