Eurovision Top 100 (2007-2016) Final Part

Eurovision Top 100 2007-2016, News

Eurovision NI Top 100 1-10
All week I have been counting down my Top 100 Eurovision songs from the past ten years. Today sees the countdown come to its conclusion, as I unveil my top ten songs. Read on to find out if your favourite is on top. You can view the rest of the top 100 here: 11-20, 21-30, 31-40, 41-50, 51-60, 61-70, 71-80, 81-90, 91-100.

The Method

Over the past few days I have watched each of the Eurovision Song Contests from 2007-2016. From each of these shows I picked my ten favourite songs and it is these one hundred songs that are eligible to be considered for the Top 100. Below are songs that are in the Top 10.

Eric Saade Sweden Eurovision Popular

Eleftheria Eleftheriou Greece Eurovision Aphrodisiac

Krista Siegfrids Eurovision Marry Me Finland

Nadav Guedj Israel Eurovision Golden Boy

Loreen Eurovision Sweden Euphoria

Sergey Lazarev Russia Eurovision You Are The Only One

Kalomira Eurovision Greece Secret Combination

Guy Sebastian Australia Eurovision Tonight Again

Margaret Berger Feed You My Love Norway Eurovision

Lena Eurovision Germany Satellite


One thought on “Eurovision Top 100 (2007-2016) Final Part

  1. 10 – A great winner. Always liked Lena, and ‘Satellite’ was quirky enough to stand out from the pack.
    9 – I’m glad Norway didn’t crash and burn in 2013, the song definitely deserved the amount of points it ended up with. Second fave from that year.
    8 – Australia showing the rest of Europe how it should be done really. Good performance, good song.
    7 – One of my faves from ’08. Confident, likeable singer with a fairly simple but catchy tune. I preferred this over the Russian song.
    6 – A lot of fans love it, others loathe it… I think this is a strong Eurovision song. You just knew it would come top in the public vote. Australia did deserve to finish above Russia, and they did. Can understand why some find it dated, and I just thought Russia were trying too hard to win.
    5 – The ultimate fan-favourite, but not my winner from 2012. It’s fourth in my ranking I think. 2012 was a far too predictable year, because there’s no way anybody but Sweden could win. The Russian grannies had no chance.
    4 – Solid entry from Israel. Fun, colourful, catchy. Not much else to say.
    3 – Liked by many a fan, but failed in the final, though I can’t say I was shocked. Good song.
    2 – I’m surprised this is in your list… I find ‘Aphrodisiac’ somewhat unremarkable. A mid-table result was about right. I think Eleftheria concentrated more on her dancing than anything else actually.
    1 – My favourite from 2011. Sure, the lyrics are fairly naff, but it was a great performance. Should have won, but third was by no means a disgrace.

    My top five of the century – Sweden 2010, Estonia 2015, Netherlands 2014, Iceland 2003, Spain 2016. (My highest ranked song of the 90s is Ireland ’94).

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