Eurovision Top 100 (2007-2016) Part Nine

Eurovision Top 100 2007-2016, News

Eurovision NI Top 100 11-20
It’s time now for the penultimate part of my Top 100 countdown of songs from the last ten years by unveiling which songs have placed 11-20, read on to find out who made it into the Top 20! To find out the previous results click here: 21-30, 31-40, 41-5051-60, 61-70, 71-8081-90 and 91-100.

The Method

Over the past few days I have watched each of the Eurovision Song Contests from 2007-2016. From each of these shows I picked my ten favourite songs and it is these one hundred songs that are eligible to be considered for the Top 100. Below are songs 11-20.

Maria Olafs Iceland Eurovision Unbroken

Monika Linkyte Vaidas Baumila Lithuania Eurovision This Time

Jessy Matador Eurovision France Allez Ola Ole

Mans Zelmerlow Sweden Eurovision Heroes

Alexander Rybak Eurovision Norway Fairytale

Verka Serduchka Ukraine Eurovision Dancing Lasha Tumbai

Douwe Bob Eurovision Netherlands Slow Down

Ira Losco Malta Eurovision Walk On Water

TWIN TWIN France Eurovision Moustache

Common Linnets Netherlands Eurovision Calm After The Storm


2 thoughts on “Eurovision Top 100 (2007-2016) Part Nine

  1. 20 – One of the very best. A shock to see it do so well, but the Dutch deserved it. Always found it considerably better than Austria – my favourite from 2014, and one of the favourites of my lifetime.
    19 – Catchy, but there’s not much else to say. A messy pop song. Two points still a little harsh though.
    18 – Liked it at first, then went totally off it. Disappointed to see Malta send a rejected MelFest song anyway. 6/10.
    17 – Quality. Got a cool, relaxed vibe, and Douwe is a sophisticated, charming performer. Just outside the top-ten can be considered a success. Lovely tune, albeit a bit repetitive.
    16 – A Eurovision classic – I don’t love it as much as many however, and part of me is glad it didn’t win. But still thoroughly enjoyable.
    15 – Always going to win… a shame, as I preferred Iceland in ’09. Good song, but there have been much better winners in the contest’s history.
    14 – Same deal here really. I think Sweden’s my fifth or sixth fave from 2015. I like the song, and indeed Mans.
    13 – The juries were never going to go for this. Nowadays, this may have done a TWIN TWIN and finished last. Another catchy, contemporary entry – never had a problem with it.
    12 – Catchy again! But I find it fairly so-so otherwise. 7/10. It was about time Monika got to represent her country.
    11 – Tremendously underrated, I think her live vocals scuppered any chance of success. Sad not to see her in the final. A fine song.


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