Eurovision Top 100 (2007-2016) Part Eight

Eurovision Top 100 2007-2016, News

Eurovision NI Top 100 21-30

Time now for the songs that finished in 21-30 in my Top 100 songs from Eurovision from 2007-2016. To view the other songs in the countdown so far click here: 31-40, 41-50, 51-60, 61-70, 71-8081-90 and 91-100.

The Method

Over the past few days I have watched each of the Eurovision Song Contests from 2007-2016. From each of these shows I picked my ten favourite songs and it is these one hundred songs that are eligible to be considered for the Top 100. Below are songs 21-30.

Ell and Niki Azerbaijan Eurovision Running Scared

Lena Germany Eurovision Taken By A Stranger

Farid Mammadov Azerbaijan Eurovision Hold Me

Greta Salome Iceland Eurovision Hear Them Calling

Alyona Belarus Solayoh Eurovision

Emmelie de Forest Eurovision Denmark Only Teardrops

Softengine Finland Eurovision Something Better

Loic Nottet Belgium Eurovision Rhythm Inside

Soluna Samay Denmark Eurovision Should've Known Better

TEO Belarus Eurovision Cheesecake











3 thoughts on “Eurovision Top 100 (2007-2016) Part Eight

  1. 30 – Performed better than it should have done. An OK-ish song however, just perhaps not good enough to even be in the final.
    29 – My third favourite from 2012. Criminally underrated. I think many found it too boring, and I can understand why. Enjoyed other songs Soluna has done since.
    28 – Nice to see this type of song do well. Decent vocalist and slick staging. All in all, about an 8/10 from me.
    27 – Another good tune. Finland’s form in Eurovision is very up and down. This ended up as an ‘up’ year, even if the public didn’t think much of it in their votes.
    26 – My winner from 2013. Liked it ever since I first heard it. Bought Emmelie’s debut album not long after she won. Much better than second-placed Azerbaijan. And Emmelie even said in an interview before the contest she felt her song was a ‘winner’s song.’
    25 – Not bad, even if Alyona was wearing shredded tinsel. Catchy and sassy.
    24 – Still baffled by how this didn’t qualify. Apart from the screens, what did it have though? In my top-ten from this year, although I don’t like it as much these days. Deserved to be in the final.
    23 – And there’s Azerbaijan from 2013… too dull for me, but Farid nailed the vocals and the woman in the long dress and man in a box stood out. Overrated, however.
    22 – Grown on me. A cool and different performance at Eurovision. Tenth was about right. All about Lena’s lingering gaze into the cameras…
    21 – A fairly unpopular winner, but I’ve no problem with ‘Running Scared.’ Not the best voices, maybe not the best song, but good enough to always do well. More would’ve complained if Italy had won instead, although that may have been better for the contest in some ways.


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