Eurovision Top 100 (2007-2016) Part Six

Eurovision Top 100 2007-2016, News

Eurovision NI Top 100 41-50I continue counting down my Top 100 songs from the last ten years by unveiling which songs have placed 41-50, read on to find out which songs made the cut! Click here to find out who placed 51-60, 61-70, 71-8081-90 and 91-100.

The Method

Over the past few days I have watched each of the Eurovision Song Contests from 2007-2016. From each of these shows I picked my ten favourite songs and it is these one hundred songs that are eligible to be considered for the Top 100. Below are songs 41-50.

ByeAlex Hungary Eurovision Kedvesem

Roberto Bellarosa Belgium Eurovision Love Kills

Charlotte Perrelli Sweden Eurovision Hero

Chanee and N'Evergreen Eurovision Denmark In A Moment Like This

Hadise Turkey Eurovision Dum Tek Tek

Pollaponk Iceland Eurovision No Prejudice

Manga Eurovision Turkey We Could Be The Same

Kurt Calleja Malta Eurovision This Is The Night

Boggie Hungary Eurovision Wars For Nothing

Amir France Eurovision J'ai Cherche

5 thoughts on “Eurovision Top 100 (2007-2016) Part Six

  1. 50 – Typical for this to be a huge fan fave, and then for it to only finish ninth with the public. A fine, solid entry, and a good result.
    49 – Chronically dull, but saying that, I can still listen to it on occasion.
    48 – A fun little song. I think many were surprised it qualified, but their result in the final was to be expected. Always enjoyed it.
    47 – I think second was too high, but 2010 was not the strongest year perhaps. Don’t mind ‘WCBTS’ at all.
    46 – Another entry that surprised a few by doing so well. An enjoyable performance – I think the song was better in English myself.
    45 – Another slightly overrated Turkish entry, but I understand completely why this did so well. I’d give it 7/10.
    44 – Full of cliches, but I’ve always liked Denmark’s 2010 song – in my top five from that year I think.
    43 – Not sure why this failed somewhat. Maybe too dated to do any good. In my top ten from 2008. Would’ve done better with Sanna Nielsen.
    42 – A really good song. Deserved to do well – at one stage, many were ranking Belgium last, but then the updated version came along, and despite so-so vocals, they did well in the end.
    41 – Quite average. Slow, but nice enough.


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