Eurovision Top 100 (2007-2016) Part Five

Eurovision Top 100 2007-2016, News

Eurovision NI 2016We are at the half way point with my countdown of my favourite 100 songs from the last ten years. Today I reveal the songs which have placed 51-60, read on to find out which songs made the cut! Click here to find out who placed 61-70, 71-8081-90 and 91-100.

The Method

Over the past few days I have watched each of the Eurovision Song Contests from 2007-2016. From each of these shows I picked my ten favourite songs and it is these one hundred songs that are eligible to be considered for the Top 100. Below are songs 51-60.

Getter Jaani Estonia Eurovision Rockafeller Street

Blue UK Eurovision I Can

A Friend In London Denmark Eurovision New Tomorrow

Serebro Russia Eurovision Song #1

Hera Bjork Iceland Eurovision Je ne sais quoi

Pirates of The Sea Latvia Eurovision Wolves of the Sea

Paula Seling Ovi Romania Eurovision Playing With Fire

D'Nash Spain Eurovision I Love You Mi Vida

Sarbel Greece Eurovision Yassou Maria

Sakis Rouvas Greece Eurovision This Is Our Night


6 thoughts on “Eurovision Top 100 (2007-2016) Part Five

  1. 60 – Never quite good enough to win like some thought, but a fine performance and good song.
    59 – Same deal here. Another top ten finish for Greece.
    58 – At one point looked like it would finish in mid-table, but ended up slipping towards the bottom. Got twelve points from Albania if I recall, which was a surprise. OK song.
    57 – A tad overrated. Top six, fair enough, but top three? I’ve never been sure about that. Catchy tune though.
    56 – A bit of a jokey one that perhaps shouldn’t have done as well as it did. I don’t mind it however.
    55 – Underrated, but definitely not as amazing as some say it is. Still deserved a higher finish.
    54 – Grew on me a huge amount in recent years, and third place was well deserved I think. Very confident performance.
    53 – A stellar entry, and my third fave from 2011.
    52 – The juries really screwed us over that year, but eleventh is not an embarrassment. Shame about the shaky vocals at times, but we really gave it a good go.
    51 – Second favourite from 2011, but don’t like it as much as I used to. Too cutesy? Maybe explains the very low result.

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