Vaidas Baumila Releases New Single ‘Panama’


vaidas baumila Panama EurovisionLithuanian hunk Vaidas Baumila has unveiled the music video for his new single ‘Panama’. Baumila is best known for his Eurovision 2015 duet with Monika Linkyte ‘This Time’. The duo quickly made an impression on audiences with their great chemistry, performing their upbeat ballad, complete with on stage kiss. But what are we to make of Baumila’s new solo material?

First of all, the song takes Vaidas in a very different direction from anything we’ve seen from him before. ‘Panama’ is part ballad, part Ibiza anthem making for a strange mix, but gels together well with the impressive vocal from Baumila. The song is sang entirely in English, which again is a departure from Baumila’s previous work which is sang for the most part in his native Lithuanian.

Meanwhile the video sees Vaidas captain a yacht, stroll through an autumnal forest and light tiki torches with his love interest on the beach at midnight all with a permanent, cheeky, flirtatious smile on his face.

Check out the video for yourself:

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