Study Eurovision at the University of Malta!


University of Malta Eurovision 2016The University of Malta’s Centre for the Liberal Arts and Science are offering students the chance to study the Eurovision Song Contest. From October 2016 students will be able to study the unit entitled ‘Interpreting Music Culture: Multimodality, MTV and the Eurovision’ which will focus on critical analysis of the Eurovision Song Contest.

The course aims to cover the development of the Contest over its 63 year history looking at the historical situation as well as the sociological, psychological and educational themes in Europe that are reflected in the Eurovision. This includes how Europe has changed over the years, how united Europe is as a continent, BLOC voting, and how the performers feel prior to going on stage.

Course Co-Ordinator Dr. George Cremona explains in an interview with that constantly doing research in the field shows that the Eurovision is much more than a musical spectacle, rather it is a mirror of the European continent in which we live. The course is therefore intended to help students gain critical skills to analyse what emerges when looking at the Eurovision deeper level.

The course will be held once a week between October 2016 and January 2017 and lasts 28 hours with the application deadline being 15th September.

The Eurovision is extremely popular in Malta with over 90% of the population tuning in to watch each year. Last year saw the return of Ira Losco who represented the island nation with her anthem ‘Walk On Water’ which finished in 12th place with 153 points.

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