Eurovision Class of 2016- Follow Up Songs!


Eurovision 2016

It’s three months on from the 2016 Eurovision Song Contest, and we thought it was the perfect time to update you on what the class of 2016 have been up to since competing in Stockholm in May. Many artists use the opportunity of performing at Eurovision to launch a career, engage with new audiences and avail of all opportunities afforded to them. 2016’s representatives are no different with some of the acts having already released follow up singles to their Eurovision songs. Read on to find out who has released what and listen to their new songs!

Amir- On dirait (France)


Everyone’s favourite cheeky chappy frenchman Amir is back! ‘J’ai Cherche’ which saw France finish in sixth place at Eurovision 2016 is followed up with ‘On Dirait’. The song is a summer anthem, much in the same vein as Amir’s Eurovision song, with an upbeat tempo and catchy chorus. The video reflects this with its beach setting with people of all ages enjoying the summer sunshine, playing football with their dogs, meeting their friends and/or lovers, having tea or picnics and just all round having some fun!

Sandhja- Love Me High (Finland)


Sandhja’s follow up ‘Love Me High’ is a much better effort than her Eurovision song ‘Sing It Away’. The song is a lot less irritating and the singer’s voice is given more of an opportunity to shine. However having said that, the song is basically a poor man’s version of a Jess Glynne album track. It is too slow, and although it picks up with a good run of a chorus, it never really goes where you want it to.

Freddie- Na Jo Hello (Hungary)


Anyone who recalls Hungary’s singer Freddie will immediately recognise him for his raspy vocal. The ‘Pioneer’ singer has chosen to release ‘Na Jo Hello’ as his next song, a folky pop song with whistles and claps. This song is perhaps influenced by Eurovision cohort Amir, as it is very much a slower, duller version of ‘J’ai Cherche’.

Juri Pootsmann- Nii Voi Naa (Estonia)


Juri ‘creepy whisperer’ Pootsmann was the Estonian pick in 2016 and his post-Eurovision song is ‘Nii Voi Naa’. The song is a slow, chill out song with a catchy electro beat underneath. The catchy synth is not enough to save the song though as the upbeat music is not matched by Juri’s whispery vocal. The video that accompanies it sees four young girls skateboarding on a deserted motorway in slow motion, how intriguing…

Greta Salome- Row (Iceland)


‘Row and Row your boat until you’re safe and sound, up the river, go and go and going now!’ sings seasoned Eurovision singer Greta Salome in the chorus of ‘Row’. The Icelandic singer adds to her back catalogue which includes 2012 Eurovision duet with Jonsi ‘Never Forget’ and her 2016 Eurovision attempt ‘Hear Them Calling’ which unfortunately didn’t make it through to the final. ‘Row’ develops her signature sound which we’ve heard in ‘Hear Them Calling’. The vocals are slightly dark and haunting akin to those of country duo the Civil Wars. The video shows off the best of Iceland’s natural beauty with scenes on cliff tops, Greta running through black volcanic sands and magnificent land and seascapes.

Justs- Ko Tu Dari? (Latvia)


Justs has ditched his infamous red leather jacket in favour of a more trendy style. He has replaced this with ripped skinny jeans, flammable shoes, has got a haircut and is hanging out with his female friend whose bum he tattoos in the opening of the music video. Justs has also ditched the electronic sound that he is known for. The song is much less Aminata and more of a breezy reggae number. Unfortunately the Aminata penned song ‘Heartbeat’ is what appealed to us most about Justs and without it, the song is lacking that special something. Much like Juri Pootsmann’s video, ‘Ko Tu Dari?’ features skateboarding. Someone tell Avril Lavigne it’s making a comeback!

Rykka- Bad Boy (Switzerland)


Although Rykka failed to reach the final of Eurovision 2016 for Switzerland with her song ‘Last of Our Kind’, she has returned with a new single ‘Bad Boy’. The song is easily my favourite from the list and has the makings of a pop anthem. Rykka’s Nelly Furtado-esque voice, the accompanying electric guitar riffs, the great lyrics and amazing video makes it pop perfection!

Francesca Michielin- Un cuore in due (Italy)


Francesca Michielin failed to wow us at Eurovision and her follow up single ‘Un cuore in due’ won’t excite much either. I can admire the Italian singer for her strong vocal and what she does she does well- a dull ballad. It’s just not my cup of tea. The saving grace is the accompanying video which is visually striking with its dot to dot outline of Francesca, collage images and the singer floating away in animated balloons.

Frans- Young Like Us (Sweden)


‘Can’t wait to hear Frans’ new song!’ said no one ever! The 17 year old is back to rub in our face how young he is. Finishing in fifth place at Eurovision 2016, the Swedish singer returns with ‘Young Like Us’. The song manages to boil your blood much like how ‘If I Were Sorry’ did a few months back. He continues to sing-rap in his faux-cockney accent. He continues to spout bizarre lyrics that if sung anyone older would be deemed creepy. An example- ‘Did I mention you’re pretty, let’s get out of the city, the night is young, young like us.’ And he continues his attempts to be the Swedish Bieber.

Dami Im- (They Long to Be) Close to You (Australia)


In just their second appearance at Eurovision, Australia’s Dami Im came in second place in 2016. She continues to promote her album released prior to Eurovision which is a collection of cover versions of hits by 70’s duo the Carpenters. Her impressive vocal which undoubtedly contributed to the Eurovision result is accompanied by piano. Check out her live performance on Australian TV show Sunrise.

In addition to new music, some of the 2016 alums have had other good news. This includes Iveta Mukuchyan who has been invited to be a part of the selection panel to decide the 2017 Armenian selection and Malta’s Ira Losco who recently gave birth to a baby boy.

It’s not all good news for the 2016 crew however. Danish boy band Lighthouse X announced last month that the band were to split. The ‘Soldiers of Love’ trio perfromed for the last time at a Copenhagen Pride event on 17th August.

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