Still no host city for Eurovision 2017!

kiev ukraine eurovision 2017

                                           Kiev hoping to be host city for the second time

Which city will host the 2017 Eurovision Song Contest? This is a question Eurovision fans have been asking since Jamala won the 2016 Contest in May. The EBU and Ukrainian national broadcaster NTU have been working together and have shortlisted three possibilities down from the long list of six. Still in contention is Kiev, Odessa and Dnipro. However they haven’t got much further than that.

Following a number of delays to the final announcement (the decision was initially expected in July), NTU President announced that a decision would be made on Ukrainian Independence Day. This deadline however passed yesterday. They then remarked that a decision would come today via a live feed press conference at 2pm CEST. The live feed however went down minutes ago and an article appeared on remarking that the announcement would be delayed until a further date, noting that this was a key decision and not one that they wanted to make lightly. No alternative date has been offered.

Dnipro's proposed venue

                                                            Dnipro’s proposed venue

These further delays have had a huge impact on Dnipro, one of the host cities still in contention. The city announced earlier this week that if the announcement is delayed any further, they may have no other option than to withdraw their bid. This is due to the fact that, if successful, they will have to begin construction work that they had outlined in their proposal, if it is to be ready in time for next May.

Will it be Odessa in 2017?

                                                              Will it be Odessa in 2017?

Many Eurovision fans are outraged that the decision has taken so long and have even suggested that prolonging the process benefits Kiev’s bid in particular and cites a bias for the capital city’s proposal to host the contest for the second time. Not only this but both Kiev and Odessa have been given the opportunity to resubmit their bids with alterations that strengthen their case to host.

While we await further updates, which city would you like to see host in 2017?

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