Ireland Wins Eurovision World Cup 2016!

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Nicky Byrne Ireland Eurovision 2016Although both Ireland and Albania failed to qualify from Semi Final 2 last night, they have been battling it out this week in the final of our first ever Eurovision World Cup. We received over 40,000 votes and we can now reveal that the winner of the entire competition is Ireland’s Nicky Byrne with his song ‘Sunlight’. He received 56% of the total vote, equating to 24,530 votes. Meanwhile Albania’s Eneda Tarifa received 44% (a total of 18,919 votes) was our runner up with her song ‘Fairytale’.

2 thoughts on “Ireland Wins Eurovision World Cup 2016!

  1. Couldn’t the Eurovision Semi-Finals 2 announcers just pull a Ms. Universe 2015 stunt for Ireland/Norway and Georgia??? Can’t get over the fact that Georgia qualified for the finals instead of either Ireland/Norway/Belarus. Ughh!!!


  2. Yeah!!! You made it Nicky!! 😍😍
    CONGRATULATIONS!! 👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻😘😘


    With ❤️❤️❤️ fr. Philippines!


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