Eurovision 2016: Semi Final 1 Predictions


Eurovision 2016Tonight sees the staging of the first of the two Eurovision Semi Finals. 18 songs will do battle for the ten available slots in Saturday’s Grand Final. Ahead of the results we have made our predictions of who we think will make it through. Read on to find out what we thought and be sure to share your opinions in the comments section. Then check back later tonight to see if we were right.

Semi Final 1

We think that the following countries will qualify:

Russia- Sergey Lazarev ‘You Are the Only One’

Cyprus- Minus One ‘Alter Ego’

Netherlands- Douwe Bob ‘Slow Down’

Austria- Zoe ‘Loin d’Ici’

Malta- Ira Losco ‘Walk On Water’

Armenia- Iveta Mukuchyan ‘LoveWave’

Croatia- Nina Kraljic ‘Lighthouse’

Azerbaijan- Samra ‘Miracle’

Bosnia and Herzegovina- Dalal/Deen/Ana/Jala ‘Ljubav Je’

Iceland- Greta Salome ‘Hear Them Calling’

Which means that these countries will be eliminated:

Finland- Sandhja ‘Sing It Away’

Greece- Argo ‘Utopian Land’

Moldova- Lidia Isac ‘Falling Stars’

Hungary- Freddie ‘Pioneer’

San Marino- Serhat ‘I Didn’t Know’

Estonia- Juri Pootsmann ‘Play’

Montenegro- Highway ‘The Real Thing’

Czech Republic- Gabriela Guncikova ‘I Stand’

Let us know what you think...

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