Review: Finland- Sandhja ‘Sing It Away’

Sandhja Finland Eurovision 2016

Sandhja has been elected as the Finnish Eurovision entry for 2016. She will follow in the footsteps of Eurovision legends Lordi and Krista Siegfrids as she competes with her song ‘Sing It Away’ in Semi Final 1 on Tuesday. But what do we make of the song and her chances of qualification? Read on to find out.

‘Sing It Away’ is slow to start. In fact it may have been beneficial to cut the first 20 seconds of the song and start with the pre-chorus. The parts of the song that are good, are very good. This tends to be when the tempo picks up in the trumpetty chorus, and while it is at times unintelligible, the beat is great and the fun factor is heightened. The verses however is what lets the song down and instead of being a cohesive party anthem, it’s a bit all over the place.

In the quick paced chorus, Sandhja sounds at times like Canadian sing Kiesza who impressed last year with her international hit ‘Hideaway’, while in the slow verses Sandhja gives us her best Adele impression.

The video for the song, echoes the positive message in the lyrics. A young girl sets beside a window frowning but by the end has been inspired to change her outlook on life and be happy (if only it was that easy!). Meanwhile we have a Game of Thrones-esque horse galloping through a forest and beach We’re not sure how this is relevant, but it’s visually impressive and it is only revealed at the end that the little girl had been imagining/drawing the horse in a sketch. Sandhja dances in a foggy children’s playground with a leopard print two piece with all the fringe imaginable. Think Missy Elliot ‘Work It’ video.

All in all the track is a bit of fun. The upbeat chorus should be enough to distinguish it from the other female singers in the running and Sandhja stands a good chance of a slot in the final. But what do you think? Leave a comment below.



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