Eurovision 2016: My Top 42


Ukraine Eurovision 2016 JamalaWith the first Eurovision Semi Final taking place tomorrow (that crept up on us, didn’t it?), I thought it fitting for me to rank all the songs from best to worst in my opinion. Read on to find out which songs I loved and which I loathed and whether or not you agreed!

My Top 42 (Eurovision 2016)

  1. Russia- Sergey Lazarev ‘You Are The Only One’
  2. The Netherlands- Douwe Bob ‘Slow Down’
  3. Malta- Ira Losco ‘Walk On Water’
  4. Cyprus- Minus One ‘Alter Ego’
  5. France- Amir ‘J’ai Cherche’
  6. Ukraine- Jamala ‘1944’
  7. Iceland- Greta Salome ‘Hear Them Calling’
  8. Bosnia Herzegovina- Dalal/Deen/Ana/Jala ‘Ljubav Je’
  9. Denmark- Lighthouse X ‘Soldiers of Love’
  10. Belgium- Laura Tesoro ‘What’s the Pressure’
  11. Azerbaijan- Samra ‘Miracle’
  12. Australia- Dami Im “Sound of Silence’
  13. Austria- Zoe ‘Loin d’Ici’
  14. United Kingdom- Joe and Jake ‘You’re Not Alone’
  15. Slovenia- ManuELLA ‘Blue and Red’
  16. Germany- Jamie Lee ‘Ghost’
  17. Armenia- Iveta Mukuchyan ‘LoveWave’
  18. Greece- Argo ‘Utopian Land’
  19. Latvia- Justs ‘Heartbeat’
  20. Macedonia- Kaliopi ‘Dona’
  21. Estonia- Juri Pootsmann ‘Play’
  22. Bulgaria- Poli Genova ‘If Love Were a Crime’
  23. Lithuania- Donny Montell ‘I’ve Been Waiting For This Night’
  24. Ireland- Nicky Byrne ‘Sunlight’
  25. Norway- Agnete ‘Icebreaker’
  26. Sweden- Frans ‘If I Were Sorry’
  27. Albania- Eneda Tarifa ‘Fairytale’
  28. Croatia- Nina Kraljic ‘I Stand’
  29. Finland- Sandhja ‘Sing It Away’
  30. Belarus- Ivan ‘Help You Fly’
  31. Hungary- Freddie ‘Pioneer’
  32. Moldova- Lidia Isac ‘Falling Stars’
  33. Switzerland- Rykka ‘Last of Our Kind’
  34. Poland- Michal Szpak ‘Colors of Your Life’
  35. Israel- Hovi Star ‘Made of Stars’
  36. Spain- Barei ‘Say Yay!’
  37. Serbia- Sanja Vucic ‘Goodbye (Shelter)’
  38. Italy- Francesca Michielin ‘No Degree of Separation’
  39. San Marino- Serhat ‘I Didn’t Know’
  40. Czech Republic- Gabriela Guncikova ‘I Stand’
  41. Montenegro- Highway ‘The Real Thing’
  42. Georgia- Nika Kocharov/YGL ‘Midnight Gold’

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