Review: Czech Republic- Gabriela Guncikova ‘I Stand’

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Gabriela Guncikova Czech Republic eurovision 2016

Gabriela Guncikova will compete in the first semi final for Czech Republic at Eurovision 2016. Her song is entitled ‘I Stand’ and we give our thoughts in the review which follows.

‘I Stand’ is immediately atmospheric from the opening note that delivers a bang. Although this song is very much a ballad, it has a little bit of oomph to it as well. Despite this, the song is quite static and never really seems to get fully going. The chorus for example is quite one dimensional and is merely an elongated repetition of the song’s two word title.

The song is a rather dull ballad sung by a female. This is not uncommon this year. Also leading the nominations for dull female ballad of the year are Croatia, Serbia, Macedonia, Albania, Bulgaria and Italy. As a result Czech Republic do not stand out and despite bookies giving good odds for the song to qualify, I think it will struggle to make it through Semi Final 1, especially given the strong competition for the ten spots available.

Meanwhile the video for the song just about plagiarises everything from elsewhere- not only established artist’s music videos, but even elements from other Eurovision entries from this year. First of all the video opens with a wide angle shot of a lake house sitting in the middle of a large expanse of water. This is similar to Nina Kraljic’s video for ‘Lighthouse’. The camera zooms in on the house to reveal a figure standing atop the roof as she throws something into the lake. We are then transported into a world of stop animation with bejewelled tears running down her cheek and collaged faces that are reminiscint of Amir’s ‘J’ai Cherche’ video (only with more colour), which in turn is very similar to Zayn Malik’s video for ‘Pillow Talk’. Finally another element of the video is the singer lying on the grass which put me in mind of Katie Melua’s ‘Nine Million Bicycles’ video, and with the addition of vibrantly coloured flowers which is almost a direct rip off of the visuals Austria’s Zoe used in her national selection show.

Gabriela Katie Melua Eurovision 2016

                                   Gabriela rips off Katie Melua’s video

It would appear then that Czech Republic’s song is boring, the video rips off so many other artists and I doubt if Gabriela will be still saying ‘I Stand’ after the first of the Semi Finals. What do you think? Leave us a comment below.


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