Eurovision World Cup: Semi Final Results

Eurovision World Cup, Poll

Eurovision 2016This week four countries battled it out in the semi final stages of our first every Eurovision World Cup competition. You have been voting all week in the two match ups that saw Ireland’s Nicky Byrne compete against Austria’s Zoe, while Eneda Tarifa for Albania duked it out with Amir for France. Read on to find out which two songs were successful and who will compete this week in the Eurovision World Cup final.

Semi Final 1

Albania continue their winning streak beating France with 89% of the total vote in Semi Final 1. Eneda Tarifa’s ‘Fairytale’ qualified top of Group E, beat Iceland in the knockout stages, and were successful against UK in the Quarter Finals. Now that they have knocked out Amir, Albania will compete in the Final.

Semi Final 2

Meanwhile Ireland have come out on top in Semi Final 2, beating Austria’s Zoe with 94% of the vote. Nicky Byrne had topped Group F, were triumphant over the Netherlands in the knock out round and beat off stiff competition from Russia in the Quarter Final stage. Their victory over Austria means that they will compete against Albania to be crowned the first ever Eurovision World Cup champions this week.


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