Review: Switzerland- Rykka ‘Last of Our Kind’

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Rykka Switzerland Eurovision 2016

Rykka will be the Swiss Eurovision representative in 2016. She will perform her song ‘The Last of Our Kind’ in the third slot of Semi Final 2 on 12th May in Stockholm. We take a look at her song and assess her chances.

Rykka is a native of Canada but has Swiss heritage and was chosen to represent Switzerland in the 2016 Eurovision Song Contest in February in the Swiss National Final. One can’t help but draw comparisons between Rykka and Celine Dion who is also Canadian and won the Contest back in 1988 for Switzerland.

Rykka unfortunately doesn’t seem to be on the way to mimic Celine’s success. The song is a good solid effort, starting out with an understated quiet vocal, picking up gradually with the bridge and packing a punch with the chorus that exclaims ‘We’re the last of our kind!/It’s a whole new world!/ And we’re facing the fire!/ Not afraid of our own ghosts/We’re the last of our kind’.

In the video, Rykka is serving up Sia-Realness (if that is even a thing?) with a blonde bob that covers her face. A minimalist black background and just the head and shoulders of the singer as she gives a powerful rendition of her track.

The song seems to have lost momentum with fans. While Rykka was hugely popular when the Swiss contenders were announced, however the song has been about since the expert check in December and so those who loved it at the time, now have grown tired of it. This could scupper the chances of the song qualifying.

Do you think we’ll be seeing Switzerland in the Eurovision Final? Or will they continue their non-qualifying streak?

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