Review: Bosnia Herzegovina- Dalal, Deen, Ana Rucner and Jala ‘Ljubav je’

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Bosnia Herzegovina Eurovision 2016

Bosnia and Herzigovina are pulling out all the stops this year. They have not one, not two, not three but four seasoned musicians coming together for an epic collaboration. Dalal and Deen have the pop vocals covered, Ana Rucner adds some classical music with her cello and rapper Jala with give it an urban flavour as well.

Now if you were to tell me that pop, classical and rap were coming to be forced together like this, I would say that it will sound forced, confused and be all over the place, but that isn’t the case here. They have the mix exactly right and the musicians work perfectly together to give us one of the most interesting collaborations that we have seen recently in Eurovision.

Each musician has their part to play and plays it well. The song has a catchy chorus, the cello grounds the vocals and adds an iconic string element similar to Alexander Rybak’s winning song ‘Fairytale’. Although unexpected the rap towards the conclusion of the song makes it more current and works really well with the increased tempo of the cello.

The song is performed entirely in Bosnian but has a power that transcends language. Although I don’t speak a single word of the language, I find myself tapping my fingers to the rhythm of the song and singing along at the top of my lungs- the sign of a great song.

I would love to see this song advance to the final as I think it is one of the better non-English language songs to appear at Eurovision for many years and would be happy if it made the top ten.

What do you make of their chances? Is it one of your favourites? Let us know by commenting on this post.


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