Poll Results: Albania Continue Winning Streak!

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Albania Eurovision 2016 EnedaAlbania have topped our weekly Eurovision poll for the seventh time. Eneda Tarifa came top with 52% of the overall vote with her song ‘Fairytale’. The nearest rival was Bosnia/Herzegovina who managed second with ‘Ljubav je’ a collaboration between Dalal, Deen, Jala and Ana Rucner. In third was France’s Amir while Hungary climbed 36 places to fourth and Spain’s Barei was in fifth. The biggest upset this week saw Ireland’s Nicky Byrne finish in 16th place, the lowest position for the Westlife star since we began our polls.

The full results of the poll are below and don’t forget to vote in this week’s poll. 

Complete Results:

  1. Albania- Eneda Tarifa- Fairytale (1)
  2. Bosnia/Herzegovina- Dalal & Deen feat. Ana Rucner- Ljubav je (2)
  3. France- Amir- J’ai Cherche (7)
  4. Hungary- Freddie- Pioneer (40)
  5. Spain- Barei- Say Yay! (9)
  6. Malta- Ira Losco- Walk On Water (6)
  7. The Netherlands- Douwe Bob- Slow Down (14)
  8. Russia- Sergey Lazarev- You Are the Only One (10)
  9. Ukraine- Jamala- 1944 (8)
  10. United Kingdom- Joe and Jake- You Are Not Alone (5)
  11. Australia- Dami Im- Sound of Silence (16)
  12. Belgium- Laura Tesoro- What’s the Pressure? (27)
  13. Azerbaijan- Samra- Miracle (25)
  14. Cyprus- Minus One- Alter Ego (12)
  15. Iceland- Greta Salome- Hear Them Calling (13)
  16. Ireland- Nicky Byrne- Sunlight (3)
  17. Armenia- Iveta Mukuchyan- LoveWave (11)
  18. Austria- Zoe- Loin d’Ici (24)
  19. Bulgaria- Poli Genova- If Love Was A Crime (17)
  20. Macedonia- Kaliopi- Dona (21)
  21. Sweden- Frans- If I Were Sorry (34)
  22. Czech Republic-Gabriela Gunčíková- I Stand (4)
  23. Romania- Ovidiu Anton- Moment of Silence (23)
  24. Switzerland- Rykka- Last of Our Kind (15)
  25. Croatia- Nina Kraljic- Lighthouse (18)
  26. Denmark- Lighthouse X- Soldiers of Love (19)
  27. Poland- Michal Szpak- Colour of Your Life (22)
  28. Serbia-ZAA Sanja Vučić- Goodbye (Shelter) (42)
  29. Belarus- Ivan- How to Fly (26)
  30. Italy-Francesca Michielin- Nessun Grado di Seperazione (41)
  31. Latvia- Justs- Heartbeat (29)
  32. Norway- Agnete- Icebreaker (32)
  33. Estonia- Juri Pootsmann- Play (35)
  34. Finland- Sandhja- Sing It Away (36)
  35. Germany- Jamie Lee Kreiwitz- Ghost (38)
  36. Greece- Argo- Utopian Land (39)
  37. Georgia- Nika Kocharov & Young Georgian Lolitaz- Midnight Gold (37)
  38. Israel- Hovi Star- Made of Stars (28)
  39. Lithuania- Donny Montell- I’ve Been Waiting for this Night (20)
  40. Moldova- Lidia Isac- Falling Stars (30)
  41. Montenegro- Highway- The Real Thing (31)
  42. San Marino- Serhat- I Didn’t Know (33)
  43. Slovenia- MANuella- Blue and Red (43)

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