Eurovision World Cup: Knockout Stage Ireland v Netherlands


Ireland Netherlands Eurovision 201616 countries have advanced to the knockout stages of the Eurovision world cup. In this match we will see Ireland’s Nicky Byrne compete against Douwe Bob from the Netherlands. Listen to both entries below and vote for your favourite in our poll. Only one song can advance. Voting closes on Sunday 24th April.

Ireland- Nicky Byrne ‘Sunlight’

Netherlands- Douwe Bob ‘Slow Down’


5 thoughts on “Eurovision World Cup: Knockout Stage Ireland v Netherlands

  1. What is this? Trying to vote for Ireland but it not counting my vote! I know I can vote only once but it’s not letting me! Keeps on saying “your voting nonce has expired” WTF does that mean? Fix that or we’ll take that as voting rigged from your side! You’re not letting people vote for Ireland – Nicky Byrne!!


    1. Hi there, thanks for you comment. As you rightly say you can only vote once per poll. In terms of it not letting you vote at all, I’m not sure what the problem could be. Have you tried a different device or web browser? Let me know if this helps.


      1. Hi there, yes I tried different web browser but it shows the same message. Then I tried with my computer but it showed “Thank you, we have already counted your vote.” Funnily annoying is that I didn’t vote on this poll using this device yet it didn’t count my vote. I don’t know what’s wrong! This one vote per poll thing is certainly not working!


      2. One person, one vote. I’m afraid that’s as democratic as it can be. Sorry if the poll isn’t working for you, but if it says your vote had already been counted then it seems that you have already voted- either you voted and didn’t realise it had counted, or someone else has used your device to vote. Sorry I can’t be any more help but that’s the way it is.


      3. No one used my device, that’s my personal laptop. Because I was having trouble with this, I checked the poll result before I attempted to vote so I surely know that my vote didn’t count. It didn’t work. But thanks anyways!


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