Review: Sweden- Frans ‘If I Were Sorry’

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Frans Sweden Eurovision 2016

Frans Jeppsson Wall or simply Frans will defend the Eurovision title for Sweden in 2016. The 17 year old will do this with song ‘If I Were Sorry’ which won the Melodifestivalen contest in March. We take a look at the song in our review. Read on to find out our thoughts.

ABBA. The Herreys. Carola. Charlotte Nilsson. Loreen. Mans Zelmerlow. How can a country that brought us these winning entries, songs so universally loved by everyone to this? Despite recent bookies’ odds, I don’t think Sweden are in any danger of doing the double and winning the contest two years in a row. Here’s why I think this. First of all Frans is a basic version of Justin Bieber- he is pop music through and through but is trying to be a cool Indie star. I’m not buying it at all. He looks like a greasier, less fortunate looking Louis Tomlinson from One Direction and he is so annoying.

Then there’s his voice. His irritating talk singing in a faux British accent is enough to drive you up the wall. While he talks his way through the song, we are treated to music that is pretty much Bruno Mars’ ‘The Way You Are’ and the lyrics is a list of things he would do for love if he was sorry. This includes but is not limited to:

  • Crawling through the desert on my hands and knees
  • Climbing the highest mountain
  • Swimming under water until my lungs exploded
  • Walking into the fire
  • Running a thousand miles
  • Giving you all the glory
  • Holding his breath till my face turned blue
  • Robbing a bank and the post office
  • Taking a vow of silence

The twist is- wait for it- get ready to be utterly and completely shocked- but he’s not sorry. No.

The most annoying thing about Sweden opting for Frans is that there were so many other better entries competing in the Swedish selection show Melodifestivalen. Great current pop songs that had amazing staging on the Eurovision stage- Ace Wilder’s ‘Don’t Worry’, ‘Bada Nakna’ which saw Melfest faves Samir and Viktor strip off and dance in a pool of water and Oscar Zia’s haunting song ‘Human’, even the kitsch value of Dolly Style. Instead we get Frans. I feel as though Sweden should be sorry.

Is Frans your favourite act in Group G of our Eurovision World Cup competition? Be sure to vote for ‘If I Were Sorry’ in our poll.

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