Review: Greece- Argo ‘Utopian Land’

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Argo Greece Eurovision 2016

Greece always push the boundaries in terms of music at Eurovision. Sometimes this works out well- for instance their win in 2005 for Elena Paparizou’s ‘My Number One’. Other times it can split opinion like in 2013 when the opted for Koza Mostra’s ‘Alcohol is Free’. Greece are at it again in 2016- choosing Argo’s ‘Utopian Land’ as their entry.

The band previously went by the moniker of Europond and had seven members. Due to the staging rules at Eurovision only six people can be on the stage. As a result they renamed the band Argo and ditched a member. Since then they have announced that another band member has been given the elbow in favour of having a dancer as part of their performance.

The song ‘Utopian Land’ is a bizarre choice. Is it a reference to the recent refugee crisis in Europe, where Greece has seen the arrival of many Syrian’s on their shores seeking asylum from war? It would seem so. One of the verses when translated into English reads:

‘Planet Earth 2016

Whatever they do

Our generation will live through it

I experienced immigration when I was young.’
The chorus of the song is a catchy refrain sung in English:
‘We are the rise in the rising sun
dance with us and have some fun

We are the rise in the rising sun
join with us for a Utopian Land.’
The remainder of the song is an awful rap, but it is growing on me the more that I listen to it. This song, I feel will split opinion much like Koza Mostra did in 2013. That worked out well for them as they finished 6th, however I think more people will hate ‘Utopian Land’ than will warm to it, and it will struggle to make the final.

Is Argo your favourite act in Group G of our Eurovision World Cup competition? Be sure to vote for ‘Utopian Land’ in our poll.

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