Review: Netherlands- Douwe Bob ‘Slow Down’

Netherlands Eurovision 2016 Douwe BobDouwe Bob is the Netherlands’ choice for Eurovision 2016. The singer unveiled his song ‘Slow Down’ last month and we take a look at it in our review

Douwe Bob is close friends and draws inspiration from former Dutch Eurovision star Anouk. His recent album includes a duet between the pair. Douwe is hoping to continue the recent string of good results for the Netherlands following in the footsteps of both Anouk and second place finishers the Common Linnets in 2014. 

I mention the Common linnets here, because Douwe’s musical style is cut from the same cloth. The song is soft indie folk music with a pop twist and ‘Slow Down’ is easily in my top three for this year. 

The song appears to be about knowing your limitations when you have been out having a few drinks. The refrain remarks:

‘Slow down brother/ Slow down brother/ Slow down if you can’t go on’. 

Simple but effective. The song could just as easily be about not getting stuck in the rat race of life, when you feel like life is too much and stressing you out, all you gotta do is slow down brother! 

This idea of time is enhanced throughout the song with the constant ticking of a clock in the background. 

The video for the song is equally simple yet effective. It is filmed in a bar where Douwe plays his guitar and sings while a few people around him are having a few drinks. 

I thoroughly enjoy this song and would love to see it place in the top ten, however it doesn’t seem to be gaining much traction with both Eurovision fans and the bookies. 

Is Douwe Bob’s ‘Slow Down’ your favourite song this year? If so be sure to vote for it in Group E of the Eurovision World Cup.


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