Review: Albania- Eneda Tarifa ‘Fairytale’

Albania Eurovision 2016 EnedaAlbania’s Eneda Tarifa regularly tops our Eurovision song poll for 2016. We take a look at her song ‘Fairytale’ and judge whether she is deserving of this in our review. 

Albania were the First Nation to choose their song back in December. Since then Eneda Tarifa’s ‘Peralle’ has been given an English language revamp and now goes under the guise of ‘Fairytale’. 

The song opens with quiet guitars and a soft, breathy vocal from Eneda. From there both keyboards and drums are introduced gradually and the song peaks at its chorus where Eneda belts out an impressive vocal with the lyrics:

‘And that’s why I love you/ Yes, that’s why I love/ I would cry for you/ Give my life for you/ My hearrrrrrrrrt!”

The lyrics here are hardly anything groundbreaking and Eneda isn’t going to win feminist of the year any time soon by portraying stereotypical notions of womanhood as there to serve her man, her decisions marred by emotions and being foolish in love. However the chorus is the best thing about the song, interspersed with melodic oohs and ahhs, it is dramatic, powerful and even explosive. Ironic that the lyrics don’t match this. 

The video is interesting and sees Eneda dressed in a red hood on a large white staircase, on a giant tyre swing and most of the action seems to happen inside a giant clock with cogs and axles etc visible. She is acting out traditional fairytales like Little Red Riding Hood and to a lesser extent Beauty and The Beast with the clock (Cogsworth)…

The rest of the song in comparison to the chorus is a bit dull and although our readers continually vote her top in our polls, I don’t think Albania will earn a spot in this year’s Eurovision Final. 

Is Albania your favourite this year? If so be sure to vote for it in Group E of the Eurovision World Cup.



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