Review: Romania- Ovidiu Anton ‘Moment of Silence’

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Ovidiu Anton Romania Eurovision 2016Ovidiu Anton will represent Romania at Eurovision 2016. He will compete with his song ‘Moment of Silence’. We review the song, read on to find out our thoughts.

If there is one word that can sum up the Romanian 2016 Eurovision entry it would be theatrical. Ovidiu Anton’s voice is like something from Phantom of the Opera. His voice is well suited to the classical/opera genre, he has a decent set of lungs on him and is in line with something that we would expect from Meatloaf.

The performance of the song is also very theatrical and dramatic with the staging having Ovidiu front and centre amidst a stage full of smoke, with his backing dancers in the shadows and another solitary dancer performing with a sword at the other side of the stage. The effect of this gives it an almost medieval setting.

The song itself has a brass overtones which gives it a Bond theme vibe, with some Jack Black School of Rock thrown in for good measure. I can see why the song would annoy some people but for me, it’s a guilty pleasure.

Bookies odds for the song would mean it would most likely not make it out of its semi, however I feel that Eurovision needs this song this year. There are too many boring ballads and at least the staging for ‘Moment of Silence’ brings the fun, kitsch factor that we know and love at Eurovision.

Is Ovidiu’s song your favourite of the songs in Group C of the Eurovision World Cup? Then be sure to vote for it in the poll below:

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